Our Team

Donal created Smooth HITS out of a passion for all things radio. Having completed a Radio & Media course, the next logic thing was to set up a radio station, and therefore Smooth HITS was born! Donal has a penchant for all things musical and has a slight phobia of moths!

Ian Edwards is one of the newest members of the team and is an avid Wolverhampton Wanderers supporter. (Or is he really?!)
Rich has years of experience working in radio. He presents every Thursday night and is our unfortunate chief technician.

Holly J is with us every Friday and Saturday!
Simon hails from the East coast and is a fan of all genres of music. And Christmas!

Maureen is our lady behind the scenes and where would we be without her! She runs a fantastic page on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/729815137061638/ where she posts videos all of the music we play, plus lots of witty memes! Go and show her some love!

Karen is with us every Sunday night for the Weekend Windown! 9pm-11pm
Chris Helme Sunday Band Stand, Sundays 4pm-6pm
Mal Williams Time Tunnel 7pm-8pm every Sunday.
Pat Gwinn AT THE BEACH 2pm-4pm every Sunday!
Danny Sun every Saturday 8pm-9pm